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Season 3 Of Community Recap

Season three of Community is one of the craziest seasons of a TV comedy. The season finale could not represent this fact any better. From Evil Abed reaching havoc all over Greendale Community College, an unkindly murder, the findings of … Continue reading

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Master Chef Review By Jeff

For those of you that enjoy watching cooking shows I would definitely recommend checking out Fox’s Master Chef which premiers for it’s third season starting May 29. Master Chef is a show that was started by Gordon Ramsey and is … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time Television Show Review By Jeff

One of the best new shows this year is a fantasy drama called Once Upon A Time on ABC. This show is perfect for audiences of all ages because of it’s take on childhood nursery rhymes and stories that anyone … Continue reading

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Workaholics Review

One of the funniest shows on TV right now is Comedy Central Workaholics. The show focuses around three roommates who are out of college and working at a telemarketing company. The problem is they don’t want to grow up and … Continue reading

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Bundles On Top Of Bundles

If there is one word that defines the home services market for the past couple of years, it’s bundles. By consolidating the providers you pay every month, you can essentially get a volume discount for doing everything from one company … Continue reading

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“Last Man Standing” Review By Jeff

Last Man Standing is an up and coming new show on ABC that has really caught my interest this year. Tim Allen stars as basically a more manly version of Tim the Tool Man Taylor from Home Improvement but instead of having three … Continue reading

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New Time Warner Cable Learning Center Opened In New York

Individuals from all walks of life in Harlem have had a unique opportunity bestowed upon them by Time Warner Cable, which is now providing access to e-learning programs, high-speed internet, and computers in the area. This cutting edge facility, called … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy Season 4

The smash FX series Sons of Anarchy’s 4th season was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions, however I think avid fans might’ve been a little bit disappointed with the lackluster performance put on by this season’s finale. Now don’t … Continue reading

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Comcast Introduces Streaming TV With AnyPlay

Anyplay is a brand new Comcast project to enable the viewing of live TV on iPads and Apple TV. For a one time $10 fee, you get a box that plugs directly into your cable, your network’s ethernet connection, and … Continue reading

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The Best Commercials of Superbowl 2012

Ever since the 1958 NFL Championship game, the Superbowl has been a notorious venue for high-profile advertisements due to it’s 90 million viewer strong broadcast reach. With advertising rates running at millions of dollars per commercial, coupled with the sheer … Continue reading

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