Comcast Introduces Streaming TV With AnyPlay

Anyplay is a brand new Comcast project to enable the viewing of live TV on iPads and Apple TV. For a one time $10 fee, you get a box that plugs directly into your cable, your network’s ethernet connection, and a power connection. Then, it will automatically connect to your network, and start broadcasting cable to any compatible device. To stream to your iPad, simply download the XFinity app and direct it to your wireless network.

One of the most exciting aspects about this is that you can now have cable in rooms where you did not get cable before. As long as your wireless network can reach, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of HDTV there.

While this is only currently available in select markets, and only locally (meaning you can’t stream your television over your internet) it’s just another indicator that cable providers are getting behind the streaming revolution, even if locally. Finally, at only $10/month, this is right on par with many online streaming services, except you get all your regular channels to any media Apple device in the house.

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