Rapidly Growing Cable Company Brings Nearly 100 Jobs to Blairsville, GA

A recent press release published by the Georgia Department of Economic Development exposed that a manufacturing plant will be opened by Advanced Digital Cable (ADC), an up-and-coming cable company, in Blairsville, effectively creating nearly 100 jobs for the town. According to the press release, Union County – the county in which Blairsville resides – hasn’t job creation project this large for over 15 years.

In addition to the creation of jobs, the manufacturing plant will pump approximately $4.2 million into the Blairsville community, which the Georgia Department of Economic Development believes will positively affect the state of not only the Blairsville economy, but the Union County economy as a whole.
The manufacturing plant itself will be located in an extant building in the Blairsville Airport Regional Industrial park and upon opening will being manufacturing everything from QPL cables to PV cables for solar arrays.

Partnering with ADC to kick start the interview process for positions available within the manufacturing plant will be Georgia Quick Start, who is one of Georgia’s top-ranked providers of job placement services and customized workforce training.

In light of this news, many citizens of Blairsville have taken it upon themselves to write to and commend ADC for giving their community the economic opportunity that the manufacturing plant is opening up for them. According to a spokesperson from ADC, many of these letters detail just how hard the citizens of Blairsville have been hit by the economic recession and how needed a job creation project really was.
The ADC spokesperson responded to this by simply expressing ADC is happy to help.

Since its inception in 1997 in Hayesville, North Carolina, ADC has been manufacturing a broad range of communications and industrial cables. And, according to their corporate website, ADC proudly boasts that all their products are manufactured in the United States under the belief that the United States economy should come first.

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