The Best Commercials of Superbowl 2012

Ever since the 1958 NFL Championship game, the Superbowl has been a notorious venue for high-profile advertisements due to it’s 90 million viewer strong broadcast reach. With advertising rates running at millions of dollars per commercial, coupled with the sheer reach of the event in which they air, Superbowl commercials have become highly anticipated by viewers nationwide for their innovation and sense of humor.

With Superbowl 2012, 54 years have passed since that ’58 NFL championship game. And while much has changed in the world in the span of those 5 decades, the innovation and sense of humor of the commercials run during the Superbowl has not. In fact, to ad experts and laymen alike, the commercials of Superbowl 2012 may be the best string of commercials aired during the Superbowl ever.

Knowing that, here is a breakdown of 3 commercials that aired during Superbowl 2012 that earned themselves the respective titles of “Best Ad Overall,” “Most Inspirational Ad for the U.S. Audience,” and “Most Popular Ad.”

Weighing in as both the “Most Inspirational Ad for the U.S. Audience” and “Best Ad Overall,” is the Chrysler commercial featuring Clint Eastwood. In this commercial, which was shown at halftime, Clint Eastwood narrates a vignette on how the Superbowl, the city of Detroit, and the U.S. economy are all at “halftime.” With this commercial, Chrysler has effectively wrapped itself in the U.S. Flag, the blue-collar determination of Detroit, and the impact the resurgent U.S. auto industry has on the U.S. economy as a whole, for the 2nd year in a row.

On a lighter note, the title of “Most Popular Ad” went to the Skechers “Go Run” dog-racing commercial. In this ad, Mark Cuban’s French bulldog, Mr. Quiggly, dons 4 dog-size Skechers and is pitted against 8 Great Danes in a race around the dog track. At the start, Mr. Quiggly falls behind the pack, but soon thereafter, he sprints well past the 8 Great Danes, comes to a slide just before the finish line and wins the race with a 4-legged moon walk across the finish line.

Now, despite their titles, these 2 ads aren’t the only ads worth viewing out of the many that were aired during Superbowl 2012. So after you’ve viewed the above, do yourself a favor and take a quick peek at the others. While there were some flops, the majority of the commercials are greatly heralded by admen and the general public alike as feats of commercial innovation and humor, so there’s bound to be one that piques your interest!

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