8 years ago, Donald Wieland – President and CEO of Cable Companies In My Area – was just another frustrated consumer tirelessly scouring the massive expanse of the internet for as much information as he could collect on cable companies local to his area, as well as the price tags and offers they provided, in an effort to be a budget-minded, savvy shopper. However, the process wasn’t easy. In fact, it was very tedious, very gratuitous, and overall, a very unbearable experience.

Out of this experience, Mr. Wieland devised a plan to offer a solution for consumers searching online for local area cable companies, alongside all the applicable information on the digital cable, high-speed internet and home telephone services they provided. In his plan, Mr. Wieland would make user friendliness and comprehensiveness the focal points of his solution.

Months later, inspired by his original plan, Cable Companies In My Area was founded. Since then, it has become the #1 resource available on the internet for consumers who are looking to price compare and bargain shop telecommunication services. What’s more, it has never strayed from Mr. Wieland’s two focal points. It has remained since the very beginning easy to use and all-encompassing.

That being said, Mr. Wieland and the rest of the management team at Cable Companies In My Area pride themselves in understanding the problems and areas of improvement with regards to price comparing and bargain shopping within the telecommunications industry. At Cable Companies In My Area, everyone – from phone support representative to Mr. Wieland himself – commits themselves to excellence and believes their clients are their greatest asset. It is for this reason that Cable Companies In My Area has enjoyed great success over the past 8 years, and the reason why that success will continue on for years to come.

With Cable Companies In My Area, the days of tirelessly scouring the internet and combing through an exorbitant amount of telecommunication websites to simply price compare and bargain shop is over. At Cable Companies In My Area, all you have to do is search one site and you’re done.