Ads that recognize your voice, your face – what’s next in the weird world of cable advertising?

Will ads of the future be able to scan your face? If you’ve used the internet long enough, you’ve probably noticed ads on certain websites will tailor themselves to your interests. So if you start googling things about cookies, you’ll see ads for Betty Crocker and Pepperidge Farms. Now, you might be seeing ads on TV that are tailored directly toward you.

Intel is entering the cable market. Yikes.

Already, several TV manufacturers are rolling out these brand new features with voice and motion control, so you don’t even have to get off your bum to change the channel. This might actually be useful because I lost my remote for a week last month and that really, really sucked. I could only watch one channel. I found the remote in my sister’s jacket pocket. Weird.

Anyway, it’s also probably not surprising that these technologies are being used against you. Well, sort of. They store all the info you give them and use it to better develop their tech. So when you’re swearing at the TV for not understanding how you say “Netflix” better than some guy in Des Moines, Iowa, they keep that info and make better voice recognition. Google did it when they had that free 411 service several years ago to build their VOIP infrastructure.

That info will also be used to target ads to you. Already, Intel is in the works to make a type of advertising model that will recognize your face and target ads to you based on that. All it will be able to tell is your age and gender and nothing else – or at least that’s what they say.

In my opinion, advertisers don’t need to know ANY more about me than they already do. I really don’t think this crap is necessary to try to sell me stuff I don’t even need. The future of cable is interesting indeed, but that means the world of advertising has to keep up. And it seems kind of frightening sometimes what kind of things they’re pulling on us.

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