AIM ending after 20 years

AOL Ending AIM After 20 Years

End of an Era – Bye AIM

That’s right guys, this is even hard for me to type, but AOL is ending it’s long time messaging program AIM on Dec. 15, 2017. Now I know some of you are confused and don’t even know what AIM is. Is it part of Facebook Messenger?, is it part of SnapChat? No guys, this was before all of them. A time where you could find an “free hours for AOL” CD with in an arms reach any where in your house. When having a “profile” meant you had an AOL profile that you could customize the font colors and size and thought it was the greatest thing around. AIM was my first experience with “social networking” and really changed how we do things today.

AIM History

AIM was popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s in the United States and was the most used and talked about instant messaging program in the U.S. It use to be bundled with AOL Desktop and then was later released as a stand alone download by AOL in May of 1997 for Microsoft Windows. It’s main competitors back in the day were ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. You were able to set funny away messages to let people know you were not at the computer, you could talk to “chat bots” and waste the day asking it questions, and let’s not forget about the games that you could play.

But around 2011 AIM began to see its decline. Most people contribute this to the raise of Gmail and its built in “real name” instead of handles like AIM, Google Chat. Then came alone cell phones and every one began just texting each other instead of using programs like AIM to message each other. Then on March 3, 2012 AOL got rid of the developing staff for AIM and stopped doing any more work on the program after 15 years. The service was still active and hep support was still provided.

Take A Minute and Reflect

No matter where you are, at work, home, or outer space, let’s all take a little time today to remember the days when AIM was king. When setting your away message was an important task or your friends wouldn’t know what you were doing. Maybe message an old friend from your AIM account before it gets deleted and just say Hi. You will be missed AIM, sorry to see you leave.

AIM: 1997 – Dec. 15, 2017