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Cox High Speed Internetsm

Internet Plans Starting at

$ 34 99 per mo*
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  • Great for Surfing the Net!
  • Speeds from 3Mbps up to 50Mbps
  • FREE Cox Security Suite**

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Cox Essential Data + Essential Phone

Starting at

$ 44 99 per mo*
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  • Download speeds of up to 5Mbps
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Call Waiting ID & Busy Line Redial

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Our Mission

Whether you're looking to be amused by your favorite primetime television show, watch a crazy video montage on the internet, or simply casually chat with a friend, Cox has you covered on all grounds.

Cox High Speed Online delivered through Cox Cable is definitely the epitome of unbelievably fast internet connections. Whether it's quickness you're looking for, wireless networking capacities, or an internet service that works for your business, Cox High Speed Online has exactly what you're searching for. In addition, you will discover many more features supplied by Cox High Speed Online from Cox Cable that extend beyond the unbelievably fast download speeds their internet provides. As an example, Cox's internet connection is continual. This means that the era of the sloppy dial-up internet connection, which is disconnected longer than it's connected, are over. Additionally, Cox's connection speed is up to 100x more rapid than dial-up, and Cox comes with security and virus scanning software, parental controls, a personalized Cox web page, optional premium services (including Cox Music), and easy installation with 24/7 customer support.

Having said that, wireless home networking available through Cox wireless hooks up every computer at your residence to one unbelievably fast high-speed internet connection. And we’re not done yet, it gets better. In addition to that is a built-in firewall program to safeguard you and your family, and also your files. Cox wireless networking is a practical and secure method to stay connected.

One of the better aspects of Cox High Speed Online is that its services aren't marketed solely to residential customers. Sign up for Cox as your business's ISP and gain the benefits of increased productivity, telecommuting functions, and internet service that is ideal for your organization regardless of the size. No matter which way you cut it, Cox High Speed Online is the quintessential internet solution for the home and office.

You haven't experienced the true crystal clear picture quality of Cox Digital Cable until you've experienced it in High Definition. What's more, Cox Digital cable has an outstanding library of HD channels that are available to its subscribers.

Is HD TV really all that considerably better than normal TV? With Cox Digital Cable's HD programming it is! There is no other cable TV provider that can offer HD channels in a resolution that is approximately 5x the clarity of standard definition With unparalleled clarity, digital sounds, effortless installation, there's honestly no reason to live your life without the crystal clear HD experience attainable through Cox Digital Cable.

With the introduction of Cox Cable's Digital phone service, the telecommunications market has been revolutionized by simplifying customers' calling plans by incorporating local and long distance on the exact same bill, along with bringing increased clarity through digital-quality sound. Cox's Digital Phone is exceptional, and too amazing to let go.

As was just said, Cox Cable makes it a point to streamline the lives of each one of their Digital Phone customers. This is accomplished by bundling their services, enabling their clients to receive just one minimal invoice for each service they use via Cox. In the long run, this leads to their clients enjoying all the rewards of their extraordinary services, while lessening the volume of paperwork they must take care of. At Cox Cable, providing customer happiness is the principal priority. Keeping that in mind, it's simple to believe that they provide customer care 24/7. Regardless of your question, Cox has a customer service representative at the ready, fully outfitted to unravel your complications, whatever they may be.