Comcast X1 Deal with Netflix

Did we hear correctly? Comcast (also known as Xfinity) and Netflix have made a deal to put Netflix on Comcast X1 service. For a long time Cable companies and Netflix have not seen eye to eye(ex: Netflix having to pay Comcast for better video quality on their videos). In fact some would say Netflix is Cable’s worst nightmare. But with deals like this, both sides of the team win. With Comcast X1 service you get over 85,000 TV shows and movies through Xfinity Demand. And now to top it off you will be able to get the biggest channel of them all. Netflix! We are all aware of how much Netflix has grown as a business over the years. Sadly, not many people are aware that this growth would not have been possible without digital transformation. If you’re wondering “what exactly is digital transformation?” then Salesforce may be able to enlighten you further.

Comcast X1 is one of the best ways to control your content and watch your tv shows. Not only is it a DVR, but you can use the remote to search or what your favorite cable tv show or recorded show. And sports lovers will love Comcast X1. They have the X1 Sports app. It turns your TV into a real-time scoreboard, even with live stats. With these sorts of technological advancements already circulating amongst different networks, it may not be long until some of these apps can provide you with a live TV transmission to the event that you are watching, so it can feel like you are there with the athletes. This could be a big step for broadcasters, but in the meantime, you get to enjoy the luxury of having a real-time scoreboard in your living room. This way you can keep track of all the games you ever wanted. And now to top it off, you will be able to binge watch Netflix all within the Comcast X1 system. Of course, you can access this service via other means, such as finding various at&t plans, but this depends on availability in your area.

Why are they doing this you may ask? U.S. homes with older residents are less aware of Netflix, but are more likely to have pay TV and watch more TV than average, making them prime Netflix targets. With this deal, Xfinity customers will be able to stream the newest shows on Netflix easier then ever before. No more different devices. It will all be in one place and ready to go. And with the fast Internet speeds of Xfinity Internet, you will have no problem streaming your favorite show in HD. However, with the new Hulu Live service offering live TV over the internet, removing the need for cable, can Hulu’s all-in-one solution pull the rug from under its competitors in both traditional television and streaming services?

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