Cox Gigablast

Cox Gigablast – 100X Faster Then Average DSL

Can you imagine what you could do with Cox Gigablast? Cox is bringing unheard of speeds right to peoples front doors. How much faster is Cox Gigablast you ask? Lets says you wanted to download 10 HD movies. It would take you only about 7 minutes to download all those movies! Another example you ask. Not a problem. If you wanted to download 100 songs, only 3 seconds!

Streaming Made Easy

With the speeds that Cox Cable is delivering to your door, you can stream all your favorite shows through your home wifi faster than ever before. No more buffering videos, no more seeing how many devices are on your network, and no more worries! But you better stock up on food and drinks because your home will be the new connection hub for all your friends!

Social Networking

Be the king of social networking with the fastest connection from Cox Cable. Post pictures to Facbook, Instagram, Snapchat and more, all before your friends even have time to reload a website. All your videos that you edit, you will be able to upload to Youtube faster then ever before! Gone are the days of waiting. With Cox Cable, you can create all the unique content that you want and share it at the speed of light (not really but it is super fast).

Cox Gigablast Extra Features

Besides getting one of the fastest connections around, you also get some extras.

  • Fastest in-home WiFi available & more than 400,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • FREE cloud drive with up to 1TB of space
  • Cox Security Suite Plus protection for your data and identity
  • 10 email accounts with 10GB storage each

What’s The Catch?

The only downside about Cox Gigablast is it is in only certain locations. Give us a call at 1-877-913-1805 and we can help you see if Gigablast is in your area. Even if we can’t get you Gigablast, we can help you find the right package or bundle that will fit in your needs.

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