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Duck Dynasty – The Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming!

This week on the A&E show Duck Dynasty Si is securing his shack with a less than secure approach. He claims he has been robbed. “I’ve been traumatized, I’ve been violated,” Si cries. He believes camo netting will protect his shed from further looting. The really victim here is actually Willy at it was his equipment that Si had borrowed and had been stolen. After quick examination, the brothers realize that it didn’t have a door or even a lock. Well that explains a lot…

There’s always a silver lining with the Robertsons. Once Si is robbed, the guys take this as an opportunity to put something together, use tools, and build him set of apolocolypse is just around the corner. He will hear nothing about it being just a story, this will happen. Its not a matter of if but when. So when the zombies come, Si will be ready.

Jase is having quite the difficult time getting Mia ready for her competition. Hair and makeup is harder than he expected. But as he’s said, “I’ve painted a house before, how hard can putting on some face paint be?” One look in the mirror and Mia thinks she looks like a “constipated dog.”

Filling Si’s new shed/crate/zombie shelter with his stuff is like sifting through the worst yard sale on the block. He’s got a bunch of junk and odd bits but Si is convince that he will be prepared when the zombies come while everyone else gets infected. As a joke, they lock Jep in the container and then unjokingly forget the combination to the lock. Poor Jep…

At the competition Mia and Jase get in a bit of trouble with her coach for her presentation and being late. Jase is intimidated by this short, blonde woman. First time anyone without a beard has put him in his place. Next time mom is late, Mia will think twice about letting Dad take over.