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The Golden Globes – Did That Just Happen?

The 2016 Golden Globes got off without a hitch. Well, without any major hitches. Check out who were the big winners, who fell flat, and who has been memmed.

The fashion was high and the digs were low. It was everything you would expect from something hosted by the foul-mouthed Ricky Gervais. A night filled with laughter, celebration, and accomplishment, the Golden Globes provided viewers with many noteworthy tid bits. While the overall night was a success, there were also plenty of cringe-worthy moments we must relive.

Setting the record straight

In case anyone, at-home couch viewer or celebrity, was confused, the Latin women of Hollywood are not all the same. These women are in fact their own entities and have different names, faces, and roles they play. American Ferrera and Eva Longoria made sure we knew that. They also made sure we knew that they aren’t Gina Rodriguez, Eva Mendes, Rosario Dawson, or Charro.

Denzel Washington’s lackluster speech

One of the most respected actors in Hollywood was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. As another notable actor, Tom Hanks, presented the award with such heart and sincerity, it was expected that an acceptance speech with similar emotional feel would follow – it didn’t. Denzel Washington flubbed through something resembling a speech, laughed, blamed it on the glasses, blamed his wife for not having her glasses, then exited stage right. Uh you’re welcome?

Leonardo Dicaprio and Lady Gaga have a moment

First time nominee and first time winner, Lady Gaga was elated when she received her award for her work with the popular series American Horror Stories. As she glided toward the stage, she had a little run-in with award veteran Leonardo Dicaprio. Whether she intentionally nudged him on her way past him or whether the disgusted face he made once he had her back toward him was directed at her, we’ll never know. But we sure did see it.

Mel Gibson and Rickey Gervais Get Awkward

It’s no secret that Mel Gibson in recent years has fallen from grace. As a previously prized and respected actor, his run-ins with alcohol and anti-Semitic commentaries have now made him more of a mockery in Hollywood. Seeing this as a golden opportunity for a jab, Ricky Gervais decides to bring up this sentiment about the actor moments before he is to step on stage. He blamed the  TV network but threw in “…well we all know who Mel blames.” It was one of those ouch, funny moments.

Jonah Bear Hill

When presenting with eye-candy Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill put his funniest foot forward and took a giant leap into uncharted territory – animal jokes. Although he may have planned it going better during rehearsal, Hill’s impression of the bear from The Revenant wasn’t as funny as it was thought to be. Once he realized that the audience wasn’t catching on, he threw the bit into a flurry of curse words that left the rest of his act undecipherable through the bleeping. Better luck next time pal.