Google Fiber bringing better internet to non-customers through healthy competition.

Google makes the internet better and you don’t even have to be a subscriber.

Google Fiber exists in one city – just one. Technically twin cities, but whatever. Out of the literally thousands of cities that exist in the world, Google picked Missouri to try out their high speed internet and cable. Yet, while many customers say silent prayers to their god of search, hoping they’ll expand to the far reaches of the nation and grow there. Some pundits are already predicting the downfall of modern cable, but this is obviously premature. Google’s innovation is just getting copy and pasted to the rest of the country, where monopolized infrastructures of internet are already built. In other words, if you live somewhere else than where Google services, your cable is going to improve.

Case in point: Google Fiber recognizes voice commands. Personally, I’m not sure how this works well, but if you yell NETFLIX! At the TV, it will turn on Netflix. So what if you say Netflix casually in conversation while watching regular cable? Does it switch on? That’d be annoying and ineffective. But no matter, Comcast is already imitating this, adding voice controls to X1 remote apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and a few other Apple devices. The apps are still in the works, but will soon be available to you and everyone else.

So if you’re too lazy to find the remote, you can just yell at your TV.

Other examples of better cable service indirectly attributed to Google include how Time Warner Cable reacted in Kansas City. They boosted the number of free wi-fi hotspots all over the city, particularly for low income families with kids. They also (allegedly) went door to door in certain KC neighborhoods and asked if they were satisfied with their service.

It seems really nice of them, right? The cynic inside you might say these companies are just doing it to look nice for the cameras, but the better half of you might just look at the benefits, rather than the shady intentions. Yes, thank your lucky stars for Google Fiber, because everyone, even non-customers, are benefitting.

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