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Last Man Standing – College Isn’t For Everyone

Eve wakes up a grouch, what else is new. This time, on Last Man Standing, she has a reason though. She’s been denied to West Point. Although she’s been accepted to many other colleges, West Point was her #1 choice. Ah young academic heartache…

Mom and Dad get worried about her current state of funk. In his smooth manner, Dad tells her to get off her butt and go to the store to work with him for the day. Gentle huh.

At the shop, Mike deals with a new mechanic that is beyond behind the times. Using an iPad as a coaster, this guy is clueless. He sticks Eve as this guy’s new buddy to show him the iPad ropes. The two get along fabulously!

At Kristin and Ryan’s place, Ryan wants to avoid dinner with Mandy and her boyfriend Kyle at all costs. He buttons his lip and promises to be good. The second the door opens though all bets are off as they realize their passion for comic books! While the guys are getting along, the sisters aren’t on the same wavelength. Mandy is already anxious to leave. What!? No sister time?

After a long yet productive day at the shop, Eve comes home with big news. She’s not going to college. Instead she will be a mechanic! Every word a mother wants to hear. Mike brushes it off as a phase while Vanessa is flipping out. College isn’t going to be for everyone. But there are some people who already have an idea that they will be attending college in bc or somewhere local. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to do it for the right reasons.

Mike goes to the shop to have a word with Eve’s new companion and his ideas for her not wanting to go to college. The message is lost on deaf ears as Joe see’s Mike as more of a Harvard snob.

Kristin is upset that Mandy doesn’t want to spend time with her. Instead of the fun big sister, she now has a mom friend – who wants that?! Mandy and Kyle leave for another party but Kristin is left with her feelings in her pocket.

Back at the shop, Eve wants to spend all of her free time with her new buddy Joe. Seeing a problem brewing, Mike tries to steer her toward the world of accounting in hopes it will get her attention. She’s set on her future under the hood though. This is going to be one tough nut to crack.

After a couple mechanical part puns, Mike gets into her head about college. It wasn’t working until Joe stepped in. He tells her how he had dreams of being a comedian first but when that didn’t work out, he found mechanical work by chance. This little life lesson swung her thoughts toward keeping an open mind about college and other possibilities.

Eve decides to take some time off to explore her options before going to school. Dad is all about it. Mom on the other hand, is not liking the idea. She thinks it’s a waste of time. Mom vs Dad. Who will win Eve’s mind this week on ABC‘s family comedy?