Mr. Robot – USA Network Hit Show

Everyone has been talking about the new hit show on USA Network called Mr. Robot. USA Network has worked hard and it has paid off. Many have tried to create cable TV shows with hacking, drama, and great plot lines, but are too cheesy and just fail. The show is about a pretty dull seeming anti-social computer programmer Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), who works at a cyber security firm from 9 to 5, but at night, all bets are off. This is when the true side of Elliot escapes the “suit and tie Elliot”. No one is “safe” around him, his mission, to hack everyone and any one around him to get as much information as possible. His brain loves to process all the information about people he knows and sees, to see if they are telling the truth or if they are hiding something that no one ever wants to know.

Let’s take for example Elliot’s therapist. Elliot hacks her email and learns everything he can about her, why she cries, why she is happy some days, who she is dating, is she just as lost as him, everything and anything one would want to know. Some might call him a vigilante hacker as he only helps people with the information he learns. As with his therapist, he learns she is dating a guy who is lying to her and not even saying who he really is. Elliot then confronts this man after learning his true name and confronts him. Elliot finds the man being mean to his dog as he takes it for a walk to use the restroom. When Elliot tells him to never see the therapist again or else everyone will know the truth, the man complies. And since the dog was not being treated well, Elliot also takes the dog from the man because he does not deserve it. (Go Elliot!)

One day or another all this hacking is bound to catch up with Elliot. While he is not at work, the security firm gets hacked, he rushes down to work to find out what is going on. He is able to stop the hack, but there is something more, and it is addressed to him. Deep in the server, in a file that no one should be able to find, is a message to Elliot. This sends a million thoughts through and across his brain, who is it, what do they want, I’m I in trouble.

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