Shark Tank

New Shark Tank Episodes

Summer may be coming to an end, but these sharks are just starting to warm up their fins. All new season of Shark Tank on ABC has begun. If your Friday night at 9pm/8c is clear of  plans, then sit back and watch as Mark Cuban, Lori, Mr. Wonderful and the rest of the Sharks take on new business ideas and listen to some dreamers that have dreams bigger then they can handle. With over  $66 million invested into people and companies for the last 6 seasons, Shark Tank plans on taking things to a whole new level.

Who Are The Sharks?

Mark Cuban: If you do not know who Mark is, you might be sleeping under a rock. Making his name as the owner of the 2011 NBA championship team, the Dallas Mavericks. And don’t forget that he is part of the three comma club.

Barbara Corcoran: Don’t let Barbara’s age fool you, this shark can swim with the best of them. Barbara made her money as a real estate mogul.

Lori Greiner: Known as the “Queen of QVC”, Lori has made most of her money from patents and working her way to the top.

Robert Herjavec: Robert is a technology innovator. A wide ranged entrepreneur, he has built and sold several IT companies. One of them being sold to AT&T.

Daymond John: Daymond is a fashion, branding expert and owner of FUBU. No longer are the days of only having $40 budget to keep FUBU going, it is now a six billion dollar brand.

Kevin O’ Leary: Known as “Mr. Wonderful”(even has a plaque to prove it), Kevin is a venture capitalist that made his money by selling a software company. It was not easy. Like riding a rollercoaster, there was many highs, but also a lot of lows.

Who Are The Sharks Food?

The Sharks feed off entrepreneurs that come into their home, the Tank. These young and old entrepreneurs must convince the Sharks that they are worth investing in. This is no easy task as none of the Sharks like to just give their money away. They have worked hard to get where they are and are not gonna let any chum just take it. Watch the ups and downs, the trial and errors, of many business owners make their way through the Tank.

What To Expect On Shark Tank

You can bet that every new show is packed full of content that will have you watching till the very end. With stories like the famous amos cookies founder, Wally Amos, which Mark said he actually learned from himself when he was starting.