Signing Off for the Last Time

AOL Instant Messenger – Good Bye

I can not believe the day actually came. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is longer available for use and has gone to the graveyard with many other products that helped fuel the future of how we communicated. When I turned on my Macbook Pro today, I realized my buddy list was gone, and all it said was disconnected. I tried in hopes of reconnecting but nope, AIM is dead 🙁

AOL Instant Messenger is dead

Still Hard to Believe

20 years has gone by since the start of AOL Instant Messenger. It had a long life from 1997-2017. I’m sure we all have stories to tell of talking to friends, meeting new people in their chat rooms, and playing games.

Most young kids won’t even know what your talking about if you tell them AIM died today. They would say ” Is AIM a friend you know? I’m sorry man, let me tweet about them”. Since its not anything to do with Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, they are so confused. But it’s ok kids, I got you covered. Here is a link to a little history for you: Knowledge Dropped!

For Those That Do Remember

Here is a little tribute to AIM and signing off one last time. Its the sounds of when someone use to sign out of AIM and the Goodbye from AOL.

Signing out buddy. Miss yeah.

One last goodbye.