Some Awesome Updates to Time Warner Cable’s apps and internet speed make watching On Demand video easier than ever.

Time Warner Cable has made a few updates to their programming that will really make their subscribers happy. First and foremost, they updated their award winning software TWC TV in the iOS app store, which now allows subscribers to Time Warner Cable to watch on demand content, along with a few minor updates.

These guys at Time Warner Cable are pretty freakin’ smart.

So that update has opened the doors to 4,000 TV and film titles from 94 different providers. Think of this as their response to Netflix, but likely to be more glitch free and more in tune to what you actually want to watch.

You’ll be getting your standard mixture of HD and standardized content, but Time Warner has promised to add more and more HD content as it becomes available. Imagine being able to just switch quality just like you can with YouTube.

Among performance enhancements and bug fixes, other updates include a live TV guide that now includes “recently viewed channels” button for quickly recalling whatever you were watching last. Just make sure it isn’t embarrassing like “Glee” or “Honey Boo Boo” or some crap. There’s also better parental controls so that your kids won’t be watching something to turn them into a serial killer when they get older. Like “Dexter.” Haha.

But that’s not all! If you live in New York City, Time Warner is also increasing their basic internet speeds by 50 percent, at a speedy 15 MBPS compared to 10 MBPS as is standard. The update comes later this month and all you have to do is reset your modem and restart your computer. If you want to try a science experiment, stay on the older, slower internet until you have to reset the modem anyway. See how long it will take – I don’t give you three days. Perhaps all of this will calm folks complaints about the minor $3.95 per month service fee for renting modems.

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