Time Warner Cable adds BBC World News to their Roster.

Time Warner Cable is apparently doing something pretty smart, just keeping along, by signing a new deal to distribute BBC World News. This may come as a surprise to many Americans who clearly aren’t very used to truly objective news sources. A few other news stations, like Al Jazeera and NPR News and the Associated Press do a fine job of showing an even keeled side of the story. At least, it’s a far better job than what Fox, NBC and ABC are attempting.

BBC World News official logo.

It’s true that these stations aren’t perfect and screw up from time to time, but at least you don’t have Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann barking at you. The deal expands BBC America’s distribution in Time Warner Cable households, and adds BBC World News to the company’s digital basic package. Sweet.

Once Time Warner Cable launches this, it will reach well over 25 million homes and that’s actually a really powerful statistic. Imagine if 25 million Americans, the ones that just sit around and watch TV all day, suddenly understood their world just a little bit better. Perhaps we’d have more civil rights, less attack on nonviolent criminals for petty crimes involving horticulture and less respect for the people stealing from us on Capitol Hill. Hmm. Something to think about.

There has long been a small, but persistent movement for more independent news channels to appear on cable, i.e. non-American media companies. Why does it matter what nationality they are? Well, just like when CNN reports on tragic war crimes in the Middle East, they can remain objective because it doesn’t impact them directly. The same goes for Middle Eastern media conglomerates reporting on American issues – they can keep their opinions at the door.

This new distribution deal doesn’t just give you more options when it comes to news and cable – it gives you more options on what to think about and why things happen in this world.

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