Time Warner Cable CEO can’t wait for Apple TV to come out.

Among all the flim flam about Apple TV, one of the most surprising statements (this week anyway) comes from Time Warner Cable’s CEO, Jeff Bewkes, who has said that he sure as heck can’t wait to get one. While at first, that may seem a little odd to hear coming from one of their (potentially) biggest competitions, but this just flies in the face of all the rumors circulating around the digerati’s water coolers.

These guys at Time Warner Cable are pretty freakin’ smart.

Some of the rumors about Apple TV include a kind of á la carte episode model, similar to iTunes. That would severely change the way that cable TV models are currently run, but don’t get too excited yet.

First of all, as we’ve explained over and over, cable unbundling isn’t exactly cheaper than getting all those channels for one price. Second and probably most importantly, Time Warner is rumored to be in advanced talks with Steve Jobs’ wonder baby Apple about distributing content. As Time Warner has huge entertainment holdings, it would be a great move for them and very profitable indeed.

The strongest rumor about what the new Apple TV will turn out to be is probably just another set top box, not a brand new method of getting your favorite shows. Truth be told, it’ll likely be well designed, as sleek and shiny as a brand new iPod. After all, Time Warner is trying to create a new user interface that’s much more like a website, rather than their older version of a bunch of listings.

In the end, we’ll just have to wait longer to find everything out. This all goes back to what Time Warner Cable’s CEO said about Apple and how he can’t wait for whatever it is Apple delivers. The truth of the matter is, no one can wait. It’s going to be too cool.

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