Time Warner Cable introduces systems with technicians arriving on-time, within one hour.

These guys at Time Warner Cable are pretty freakin’ smart.

Oh, thank God. It appears that cable companies are finally getting their act together and are realizing wasting their customer’s time is a fruitless endeavor (and makes us resent them). Time Warner Cable is trying out this new system where the cable guys show up within a one hour window, rather than the “whenever he gets there” attitude of four hour windows that most other cable companies employ.

The bad news: it’s only available in Wiscosin, as they “try it out.” Sigh. If you’ve ever had to wait and wait and wait some more just for you cable to get hooked up or fixed or whatever, you know that it’s not only a pain in the butt, it can seriously derail your week, losing you time AND money.

Time Warner has gone out and said they’ve been beta testing the system for the last six months, wherein 98% of the time a technician will not only show up within a 60-minute time period, but the company will give a customer a guess as to how long the work will take.

If only we could be so lucky in the rest of the nation. It isn’t rocket science. How hard would it be to get everyone to do what they are being paid to do in a reasonable hour? For example, if Discount Cab was totally sucking, a local competitor would be more timely. Paul’s Taxi, for example. If only there was more incentive for cable companies to step up their game.

The good news is, the future is catching up with us. Soon, the days of set top boxes will be behind us like the typewriter and the cassette tape, and cable fixes, including set up, will be done remotely. So, while it would be pretty nice if the cable folks didn’t have their customers waiting around all day, the problem will likely take care of itself.

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