Time Warner Cable isn’t afraid of Google Fiber and here’s why.

Now that Google Fiber has been up and running for a good few weeks, the rumors can be put to rest, particularly the one that Time Warner Cable is afraid of the competition in Kansas City. You may have heard that Google is going to take over all the cable company giants at once and replace them. Right. Yet, how would that be any different? Surely you’ve heard the credo, “here’s the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Those guys at Time Warner Cable ain’t afraid of Google Fiber

Yes, Google is a big gigantic company that cares only about money, just like any enormous corporation. But the morality of the situation is less important than the practicality.

Yes, Google Fiber has speeds about 100 times faster than Time Warner Cable, but you should keep a few things in mind. They are servicing one area. Time Warner Cable services literally hundreds of cities, many of them much larger than Kansas City. And Google doesn’t have any plans to expand just yet.

As Google Fiber spokeswoman Jenna Wandres puts it. “We’d love to consider other communities in the future, but right now our focus is building out more areas in Kansas City.” Groan.

But, hey, if you really want those one gigabit download speeds, maybe all you have to do is demand it.

“If there is demand for [1 Gbps] service we will provide it,” Time Warner Cable chief operating officer Rob Marcus told attendees of a conference this week while discussing Google Fiber. “It will be interesting to find out whether there are applications that will take advantage of a 1 Gbps service,” Marcus continued. “If there is, we will provide it. Our infrastructure has the ability to provide much faster speeds today. We’re prepared to compete head to head with Google.”

So keep crossing your fingers for that Google takeover. It sure isn’t happening today.

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