Jim Lahey Passes Away At 71 Years Old

Jim Lahey Dead at 71 – Trailer Park Boys

Jim Lahey- You Will Be Missed

The actor who plays Jim Lahey (John F. Dunsworth) on the show “Trailer Park Boys”, has passed away. “The liquors calling the shots now” as Jim would say. Dunsworth’s daughter(Sarah E. Dunsworth) told news outlets that her father had died after a brief and unexpected illness.

Greatest Drunk That Never Drank

John rarely drank alcohol. He was so good with his acting, you would have really thought he was drunk during the shooting of TPB(Trailer Park Boys), but it was ice tea that was in his Jack Daniels bottle. He was part of the show’s original cast. His role was playing a former cop that is now a supervisor at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. As the park supervisor, he always was having to deal with Julian, Ricky and Bubbles. The rival between them goes back to when the gang were just kids. Ricky and the crew were responsible for Jim getting fired as a cop and causing his life to go down hill.

Personal Life

Dunsworth was living in Nova Scotia with his wife, three daughters, and one son. One of his daughter’s is actually on the shower Trailer Park Boys with him. He was born April 12, 1946 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. John had 9 other brothers and sisters. He was the second of ten children.

Gone But Still Here

Even though this is a sad day, we have to remember the laughter John has given us. Rewatch episodes of TPB to see John doing what he loved. His children are proud of him and is the rest of the TPB fans. Start from the beginning to really see his character come to life and how he molds into the final Jim Lahey that we knew.

Trailer Park Boys

R.I.P Jim (April 12, 1946 – October 16, 2017)