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Younger – The Truth Will Set You 40

Liza’s daughter Caitlin is finally home from her study abroad program. This means that Liza must tell her about the recent developments in her life. Or more like the recent rewinding of her life. She chickens out and changes the conversation in a chat about being Brooklyners instead of Jersey girls. She seems perfectly fine with it. Maybe telling her that she’s been lying about her age, has a new job, and a younger boyfriend wont be so bad…

A meeting with Bobby Flay turns into a dinner date and Diana thinks it’s a dinner date with Charles. She will turn this night into her and Charles’s power couple debut – even if he doesn’t know that yet.

Liza is hesitant to see Josh again after she dropped her 40-year-old bombshell on him. While his roommate gives him an explicit no on seeing her, Josh wants to see her and agrees to meeting up.

While she waits at the bar, Liza is approached by a hipster that tells her she’s quiet, shy, just probably misunderstood. “Why don’t you tell me what else I need to know about you?” gets him the blunt truth – “my daughter just came home from college and Im 40.” He’s out before she could even finish her sentence.

At the Bobby Flay dinner meeting, Diana is laying on the charm pretty thick to Charles’s dismay. She thinks it’s going great, but cracks a tooth on some peppercorn and is quickly brought back down to earth. Bobby calls his emergency dentist and things only get weirder. Explaining to the doctor that she has no gag reflex, how her and Charles aren’t in fact married, and then enduring the flirting between the dentist and Charles is not her idea of a good night.

After battling various 20 something’s for the only seat at the bar she was holding for Josh, he finally responds 2 hours later to tell her that he “can’t make it work.” Typical guy response…

With a rejection in tow, Liza decides its time to move on. She attempts to wait up for Caitlin but just falls asleep on the couch. She may pretend to be 20 something, but her instincts are still 40 something mom.

Diana’s bad night with Charles carries over into her day as the flirting doctor calls to check up on her tooth yet asks to be transferred to Charles instead. She quickly transfers the call to Time Warner Cable customer service instead. Smooth move Diana, real mature.

Once home from work, Liza finally has some time with Caitlin. Their time is short as Caitlin’s shows her mom her new tattoo that she goes from some “hot guy” in a local tattoo shop. Josh! Liza bolts out the door. Once she catches up to Josh she lets him have it for the tattoo, the text, the break up, everything. In the middle of her rant, she finds out that his break up text was just a text gone wrong due to lack of punctuation. “Cant make it work” was in fact “Cant make it. Work.” In the midst of their make up, they make out. Caitlin had actually followed her and saw the whole thing…

Caitlin chalks it up to a mid like crisis and is totally grossed out. She storms off and wants nothing to do with the issue.

Without telling her, Caitlin calls her dad. She will be staying with him for a few weeks and working with him at the office. She also states that it’s getting “weird around here.”

After a few shots and a loud proclamation of her being 40, Josh is drunkenly stuck on the fact that she’s 40. It is starting to slowly bother her 40-year-old self.

Kelsey meets with an author who she’s been buttering up for an offer. To her surprise, he actually has an offer for her to leave Empirical and sign on with his agency. She gets the offer and is strongly considering taking it.

After being hounded by Liza’s friends about why they broke up and having to lie about it being because of her age, Josh leaves in the middle of the Ping-Pong outing. The very minute Liza reaches him before he leaves she gets the “GO!” text from Diana to jump on the latest book. She looks down to read the text in the same instant he disappears. Looks like 40 will be an issue for them both.

When delivering the book to Charles, he asks Liza about the rumors about Kelsey being poached by another agency. She doesn’t tell him directly that they’re true, but advises him to appreciate Kelsey as more than just a promoted assistant. Hopefully this tid bit of info doesn’t get her in trouble later…

After Lauren telling Liza that Josh may be getting bored, she marches over to Josh and tells him that if he’s over it and wants a younger, wilder girlfriend that it’s ok. He tells her that it’s just becoming difficult to lie to her friends about their situation and her age. He has planted the seed in her mind about telling Kelsey the truth. She seems to be considering it.

Kelsey approaches Charles about the rumors of her leaving. He can’t match their money but he offers her something even better. She is now running the millennial category all on her own. This is a big step up for a 20 something and she wants her fellow 20 something along for the ride. She asks Liza to join her team. This puts the truth in the back seat on this whirlwind adventure they are about to embark.